51 - Whiskey Bottle Light

51 - Whiskey Bottle Light

About This Auction

This repurposed project took a whiskey bottle and created a unique light. Wonderful for someone looking for a one of a kind piece that gets people talking!
RePurpose for a Reason 2021

About This Campaign

We are pleased to announce that RePurpose for a Reason 2021 will resume in person! The event will feature the annual silent auction featuring hand-crafted and DIY projects made locally. New this year, we will host the event at the ReStore where you will be able to visit the store, tour and bid on the auction projects, and enjoy a little entertainment.

We are looking for project makers for 2021 auction items, and we need your help. If you are a DIYer (anything from beginner to experienced), crafter, or you just love a good side project, we are looking for people like you! Our project makers channel their inner creativity, hunt through our ReStore for RePurpose projects, and comb through Pinterest to find ideas to make fun and innovative RePurpose projects.

You can be a part of the fun by becoming a project maker! Here's how it works:

1. Create an item of your own. Do you have excess crafting or building materials around your home? Turn them into something fun and donate them to RePurpose for a Reason to be auctioned off during the event! To the right are a couple of hand-crafted projects from the past to inspire you. ​

2. Check Out an item or piece from the ReStore. Browse the ReStore for the perfect project(s) to check out, with a value of $70 or less. Take your item(s) home and "repurpose" them into something new!

When your item is ready, bring it back to the ReStore to be included in the silent auction. Just make sure to bring it back at least two weeks before the event so we can catalog and image your masterpiece.

Then, attend the event and bid on fabulous auction items!